Our Mission:

To Unlock Wealth by Monetizing your Spare Capacity

Doctoora is a multi-location private healthcare network with over 4000 verified healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering quality healthcare services to the people of Nigeria.

At Doctoora, you can rent equipment and medical facilities to see your patients on a subscription basis. Avoid setup and administrative costs and get straight to practicing.  Do your best work as a healthcare professional today. 

Why Choose Doctoora?

Our focus is to make healthcare practice more enjoyable.

Practice at your


Turn your spare capacity into money and see your patients at any facility you need within our network. Enjoy flexible hours and deliver value to your patients by meeting them halfway.

Practice at your


With multiple facilities on our network where you can use to see your patients, or for health related events, you can spread your private  practice across an entire state without any setup costs.

Practice at your


Enjoy a practice management software created just for you. Our focus is to enable you run a thriving practice without worrying about costs and admin issues.

Facilities at this location:

  • Consultation Room

  • Ultrasound Scan

  • Xray

  • Gym/Fitness Center

  • Haematology Lab

Doctoora Banana Island

Location: Ikoyi, Lagos

Our Team

Debo Odulana.jpeg

Dr Debo Odulana 


Beatrix Wu RN. 


Dr Shakirah Saliu


Alecia Esson


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Unlimited Partner


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Doctoora Health

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